World Skill Qualifications Framework (WSQF)

This is the International standard skill qualification levels of framework which gives clear analysis of skill level of concerned skilled person. WSQF level comparison chart is given to compare with WSQF 1 to 8 levels at-par with countries' educational qualifications internationally. Prestigious World skill council skill certificate comes with WSQF level.

WORLD SKILL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORK LEVEL (WSQF LEVEL) is indicating the equivalent qualification level Internationally. For example if one gets WSQF Level - 4 It means his skill level is equal to Diploma qualification. If it is 5, skill level is equal to Degree qualification.if it is 6, Skill level is equal to Honours Degree qualification.

If it is 7, it is equal to Master degree. If it is WSQF level 8 which is equal to Doctorate Degree qualification.

One person who gets WSQF level-4 can apply Directly to World Skill Council to upgrade his Level after two years from the end date of skill testing period through self assessment mode.